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Winning the Emerging Technologist ABIE Award at GHC23!

I used to dream of attending the Grace Hopper Celebration by when I was in college. I still can’t believe I found myself not only speaking there yesterday, but also winning the 2023 Emerging Technologist ABIE Award!

This recognition is a true honor. It holds a special place in my heart because it reflects my transformation from a child who was bullied for her love of science to a confident innovator pushing the boundaries of neurotechnology.

Over the past decade of working with organizations like IEEE, Women’s Engineering Society, STEM Learning, and others to increase the representation of women in tech, I’ve come across many students who grapple with self-doubt. These bright minds find themselves questioning their abilities simply because they don’t conform to certain preconceived notions about who thrives in STEM.

Together, we will break down these barriers to shape a world where technology’s potential is unlocked by all. Thank you to all the trailblazers I met for being the driving force behind this much needed change, and for a week I’ll never forget.

BCI Meeting 2023 in the Books!

First BCI Meeting by the BCI Society in the books! I loved:

🤝 Catching up with friends from IDUN TechnologiesNeurableMIT Media Lab, and more.
🎙️ Attending workshops and master classes by true pioneers.
🚁 Demoing Neurofly with Christian Bayerlein and the team.
😊 Meeting Victoria PetersonFlorencia Garro, and other friends I’ve known virtually for so long.
🌳 Exploring the beautiful Sonian Forest in Brussels.

Feeling empowered and eager to keep driving BCI innovation forward!

TED 2023: Possibility

It’s hard to describe what it felt like to go on the TED stage and watch Christian fly over the audience… It was a magical and mesmerizing moment. A powerful reminder of the human ability to challenge limitations and reach beyond what we believe is possible. A testament to our motto at OpenBCI: Turning Science Fiction Into Science.

Varjo VAR Summit 2023

The Varjo VAR Summit was a blast! They truly know how to put together events that provide valuable insights, opportunities to network, and lots of fun.

I was thrilled to meet the team in person, participate in the webinar, and demo Galea with Conor. It was great to learn about the latest advancements in XR and how companies like LenovoChannel XRRAVE Computer, and others are bringing them to consumers all around the world. The event also gave me a chance to explore the beautiful city of Helsinki and get a taste of the local culture—sauna and ice plunge included!

A big thank you to UrhoJussiTristanBrandonAnnaleena, and the rest of the crew for making us feel right at home.

CES 2023

CES 2023 has come to an end… and it was epic!
Amazing energy from more than 100K techies from around the world working hard on their innovations. Wearables, drones, mixed reality, autonomous vehicles, smart home devices, you name it!
It was inspiring to see multiple companies on the show floor who’ve previously used OpenBCI equipment, and the high level of interest in Galea. The neurotechnology and broader biosensing industries are definitely gaining a growing presence in the tech world.
Can’t wait for CES 2024!

I/ITSEC 2022

What a week at I/ITSEC! On top of the Unity awards, here are some highlights from the event:
💻 Trying the latest products by our partners Varjo and iMotions.
👩‍💼 Meeting our advisor Amy Kruse and watching her use Galea.
🚁 Controlling helicopters, planes, and tanks in highly realistic VR simulators by MicrosoftLockheed MartinCAE, and more.
🦋Learning about the impactful work companies like Moth+Flame are doing by providing training modules that include suicide and assault interventions.
And, most importantly, an OpenBCI booth that got more and more packed by the day!

Meeting the BCI Guys!

More people are becoming aware of the potential #neurotechnology has to positively impact our lives and looking to get involved. I believe that this industry will grow exponentially and shape how we interact with our environment in ways we can’t imagine today. 

It’s vital to provide those interested in learning with resources to get started. I struggled to find them when I was a student. Harrison Canning and Colin Fausnaughtthe BCI Guys—are doing an amazing job of filling this gap by providing educational materials that are not only free but also engaging and easy to follow. I always recommend their Foundations of Neurotechnology course to our new hires who come from a different industry. 

Neurotech poses exciting yet daunting challenges. Lowering the barrier of entry and generating interest is essential to attract the bright minds who can help us to solve them. We’re only scratching the surface, let’s keep digging.

P.S. Thank you Sonika Vuyyuru for gifting me the #BCIGal shirt!

OpenBCI Webinar #2

If you work with biosensors you know that one of the biggest challenges is knowing how to adjust them properly to get a reliable signal. To automate this for Galea, we’re developing a VR assistant that shows you how to get the headset to fit right. 
What content would you like to see in future OpenBCI webinars?