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Maze Computer Game

This Tank Maze Game is an interactive computer game in which the goal is to collect all the coin tokens in a maze by controlling a tank within a certain time. It uses OpenGL with C++ on Linux and it includes sound effects!

I completed this project at the University of Surrey, UK. For more information on the project click on the link to the repository.

Star Quest (Gamified Goal Tracker)

For Startup Studio @ Cornell Tech I worked in a team with Katie Donahoe (CS) Austin Li (CS) , Johnway Yih (MBA) and Queena Wang (Design) to create a product in the parent tech space. We interviewed 40+ parents and experts in the field to understand the main problems parents currently face when raising their children. One of the pain points that consistently came up is the struggle to motivate kids to complete tasks that can be perceived as boring such as their homework, chores, taking care of pets, etc.

To solve this problem, we created Star Quest, which is a gamified goal tracker for kids. In this game, the kid is an astronaut that can explore different planets, each of which has new games. To unblock a planet, the child needs to earn stars. Parents and children work together to decide how many stars each chore is worth, and log weekly goals in the app. The more goals the kid completes, the more stars they get. The more stars they get, the more rewards they can redeem such as gear for their avatar, new levels of the game, or choosing some family activities for the weekend.

Star Quest clickable prototype screens designed by Queena

Find out more about our journey through ideation, customer discovery, and user testing by reading the Medium articles here, or checking the project repository on the button below.

Simple Chatbot

This weekend-long lab project consists of a simple bilingual chatbot that allows people to take a survey for a sightseeing tour. It uses a Raspberry Pi. I completed this project at Cornell Tech.

Check out the videos below! For more information click on the link to the project repository.

Daylight Tracker Toy

This weekend-long project consists of a daylight tracker toy which is designed to be placed near a window. It uses a photocell to track the light progress during the day. When you wake up, the puppet’s arms will be down indicating it is the start of the day. The arms will slowly go up as the light diminishes when you get to the late afternoon and evening part of the day. At night, when there is no light, the puppet’s arms will be up, simulating a muscle stretch and a yawn and indicating it is time to get a good night’s sleep. It is a twist on a light detecting system that could be used as a toy for children. 

I completed this project at Cornell Tech using Stretch Paper Puppets from the Google Paper Signals project. Check out the video below and click on the repository for more information!