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My year with GE Healthcare!

Like many students, during the first couple of years of my degree I was not sure what kind of job I wanted to apply to once I graduated. I was passionate about engineering in the healthcare sector, as it was a way for me to make a positive difference on people’s lives. But none of the jobs I found online really sparked my interest.

Thanks to a year-long internship at GE Healthcare I discovered my passion. Click here for the full article by the University of Surrey!

My first ever electronics project – a Sumobot!

Joining the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch was a great opportunity to get started in the hands-on electronics world. The first project I completed with the branch is this Sumobot (with an added moustache for style)!

To learn how Sumobots work you can check this link. This robot is controlled via an Arduino Nano and it uses an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to detect other bots.