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Unipeers Launch

One of the most challenging aspects of studying abroad is understanding how the other country’s educational system works well enough to apply to your top school, get admitted, and get a scholarship or funding.

As an international student in both the UK and the US I experienced how overwhelming this process can be. Having had a mentor or a reference person to ask at my dream university would have saved me countless hours of frustration. To help others who find themselves in this situation, I’ve joined forces with Katie Donahoe to create Unipeers.

Unipeers is a non-profit initiative to bring together the largest community of graduate alumni, students, and prospective students from top US universities. Whether you’re looking to learn more about applying to graduate school or landing your first job, Unipeers will help you connect with people just like you who’ve done it before!

Learn more about how to join as a member or volunteer on our website:

Why I’m Working on

Living in Spain made applying to study in the UK and later in the US challenging for me. Not having anyone to ask at my dream schools or the cities I wanted to move to made me feel lost, overwhelmed and discouraged.

I’m grateful for persevering and getting through the process, but also aware there were times when I almost returned home. In an effort to prevent this from happening to others, Katie Donahoe and I are creating Unipeers.

What’s Unipeers? Learn all about it in my Medium article!

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Star Quest Website is Up!

The Star Quest website is up now! Sign up to learn more about this awesome gamified goal tracker for kids, and send us an email if you have any questions or suggestions for the product!

Click here to visit the Star Quest website, and follows us on Instagram and Twitter at @starquestapp!

Lesson #3: Learn About Your Audience Before They Learn From You

Pitching a product is easy — pitching one that people remember is difficult. Think about the last presentation that struck a cord with you. Why did it?

Personally, I remember a talk on the importance of creating a community around your product.

As an engineer my work revolves around algorithms, but in my free time I enjoy reading about social psychology and how communities interact. For years I believed these books’ knowledge would stay in my memory under “curiosities”, rather than help me with my “engineering work”. But this talk made me realize…

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Lesson #1: Interview First, Engineer Later

As an engineer, I have a natural tendency to focus on product features — I want to use the latest technology to build the coolest gadgets. However, a couple months into my entrepreneurship journey a hard truth hit me: no matter how amazing the technology is, if it doesn’t serve a purpose, it may as well be a potato (sorry potatoes).

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Introducing wēbē!

Mental health disorders have been surrounded by stigma for years, even though 1 in 5 US adults will suffer from a mental health condition during their lifetime. Several factors, including this stigma, contribute to the fact that the average delay between onset of mental illness symptoms and treatment is 11 years. Those are staggering statistics, considering how much progress we have made regarding physical health in the past few years. As someone who has witnessed the devastating effects a mental health disorder can have on a friend or loved one’s life, I began asking myself: “What can I, as an individual, do to lower these numbers?”

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